Gajanan Maharaj 


Gajanan Maharaj

Faith is the foundation of religion while acceptance is established the experience of the individual. Hindu religion advocates duty and sacrifice. These two ideas help individuals to reach the top.

If faith and acceptance don’t go hand in hand then the intellect dominates and Self-Centered behavior comes to the fore. Hence Hindu philosophy propagates the perfect balance between thought and believes that inspiring one to follow the path of righteousness.

Executing duties and sacrificing greed adhere to good thoughts and achieve harmony and prosperity in life. Religion generally involves feeling, customs, and faith which are close to heart and mind and hence it is possible to achieve selfless services, though intellectual capacity that drags individuals for selfish motives. The role of Parents plays vital importance in our life while we grow up. This in result gives you an opportunity to thank your parents in public. On such events and occasions you really want to express your gratitude towards your parents.

I strongly believe that the causes of sadness in life could be diminished if one follows the path of the honest mindset that is mentioned in Sant Charitra. Life and thoughts of Shree Gajanan Maharaj are guaranteed to meet peace in any one’s life. It gives motivation and strives to be with an honest mind and thus brings a smile on the face.  Starting with a small step in sharing views and experience of devotees of Shree Gajanan Maharaj, We wish to make aware of our guru’s thoughts to our guest who landed here on this website. 

Jai Gajanan Shree Gajanan.

Dutt Anand Nayak